Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Machine Mounting Solutions

Tico supply a variety of products to mount a huge potential range of domestic, commercial and industrial machines and to isolate vibration created by, or, affecting them.

In addition to these items, Tico also offer a range of more specific mounting solutions, below are a few examples

Tico Adjustamounts

Tico designed the Adjustamount as a solution to a common problem that affects many pieces of equipment – uneven floors.  Placing equipment on an uneven floor can lead to issues with equipment level which can cause numerous operational problems.

Adjustable mount that gives the user height options and different variantsThe Tico Adjustamount provides a solution to these issues, the threaded stud bar of the Tico Adjustamount allows machinery and other equipment to be accurately and quickly levelled whilst retaining the benefit of the Tico S/PA anti vibration pad.

The mounts are also used extensively within conveyor belt setups to allow equipment to be places on a gradient, which is easily adjusted later when required.

Tico Adjustamounts are supplied with Bright Zinc plated Carbon Steel parts as standard, but can be supplied with Stainless Steel fittings upon request.

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Sandwich mounts

The sandwich mount comprises rubber sections ‘sandwiched’ or bonded between steel plates, this arrangement allows for a huge range of applications to be covered.  The Tico sandwich mount has been designed specifically for use in the lift and escalator industry, but due to the range of Tico products available, it can be tailored to meet a wide range of other requirements.
Image of TICO Sandwich Mount used specifically in the lift and escalator industry

Pad and Shim Mounting

The most common method of machinery mounting is to place the unit directly onto pads or strips of Tico material.  This is a very simple method of installation and can accommodate a wide range of machine supports whilst supporting the unit and providing vibration isolation.

Tico can supply a wide range of different thickness pads and shims to level and support machinery. Tico shim is available in our standard Tico S/PA material and also the higher temperature Tico HT/PA.

Tico S/PA

Tico S/PA is the most commonly used material for mounting machines and is suitable for use with all types of machine supports. Tico S/PA has been specifically designed for use in industrial conditions where oil /grease and other fluid contamination is possible and has a wide operating temperature range (-40°C to +100°C).

Tico S/PA is manufactured from a blend of carefully selected cork particles and Polychloroprene / Acrylonitrile elastomers to provide excellent isolation properties whilst having a high load bearing capacity (50000kg/m²).

Tico S/PA is easily and quickly installed significantly reducing machine downtime.  We can also supply Tico Contact S adhesive to bond pads to the floor or if bolting is required, we are able to supply a range of Tico collars and washers to isolate the bolt itself to ensure the best possible isolation.

Tico S/SH

Tico S/SH is the shim version of our Tico S/PA material supplied to allow minor height adjustments, it retains the same resistance to oils and fuels as Tico S/PA but will only offer limited sound and vibration dampening.

Tico M

Tico M is a low stress machinery mounting material made from a blend of cork and Polyisoprene rubber and is usually used for applications that will benefit from its dampening properties.

As with Tico S/PA, Tico M is quick and easy to install, our Tico Contact S adhesive can also be used to bond the pads to a substrate or we can supply Tico collars and washers to isolate bolts.

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