Monday, 5 September 2016

Working with aggressive environments.

Nature has always offered many challenges to the world of engineering and extreme heat is no exception.  Often pipelines will be required to transport hot liquids with temperatures that exceed the limitation of the supporting materials and so there is a very clear need for a solution to prevent failure of the components.

Below are just some of the solutions offered by TICO that will help in environments where elevated temperatures can become a costly problem?

TICO FR/PA (Fire Retardant)

TICO FR/PA MaterialTICO FR/PA is a blend of polymers and specialised compounding ingredients developed to withstand harsh outdoor environments. In the event that this material does come in contact with fire, it has a very low surface spread of flame so will not actively encourage the fire to spread and also produces very little smoke resulting in very low toxicity levels.
It also self-extinguishes when the source of flame is removed, it also has good resistance to a wide range of fluids as well as Ozone and UV.

Temperature range:
-50°C to 120°C continuous (150°C Intermittently)

This material can be supplied in the following formats:

FR/PA - Isolation pads that can be placed underneath machines, pipes, or any structure and equipment that can reach temperatures of 120°C

FR/PT/PA – The standard TICO FR/PA isolation pad with the addition of a layer of PTFE for applications were movement is required.

TICO U-bolts use the TICO FR/PA or FR/PT/PA material as the pipe support pad for the range of TICO Pipe grips.

FR/PA information & datasheet: http://fr-pa-anti-vibration-pad

TICO HT/PA (High Temperature)

TICO HT/PA material has a higher maximum recommended working temperature than the FR/PA material and is more suited to use within pipeline applications.

TICO HT can be supplied in both pad and clip strip format and is formulated to operate within a temperature range of -40°C to +150°C, both options can be supplied with a PTFE layer to allow movement.

Tico HT/PA Pads can be placed underneath machines, pipes, or in applications where it would be exposed to temperatures of up to 150°C

HT/CL Clip strip can be used as an isolating/insulating material between the pipe and its supporting clamps.

HT/CL information & datasheet: http://ht-cl-anti-vibration-pipe-strip

TICO VHT (Very High Temperature)

TICO VHT Material is designed to withstand very high temperatures whilst still being easy to handle and install.  Recognisable by its bright yellow colouring, the material can also be made available in other colours if it is a requirement for easy identification and on-going maintenance.

This material has a very wide range of uses however common applications include Pipe Grip encasing, Isolation Pads, pipe clamp insulation but can also be utilised for bespoke applications.

VHT/PA Pads that can be placed underneath machines, pipes, or in applications where it would be exposed to temperatures of up to 300°C.

Pipe Supports: http://pipe-support-vht

All of these materials are designed to be easy to install and maintenance free.

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